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Feature Idea: Support for v2.0 .NET MongoDB driver?



So the release of the .NET agent supports v1.10 of the MongoDB driver. I don’t see MongoDB transactions in NewRelic after switching to the latest version of the driver. Are there any plans to support the v2.0 driver in the near future?

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team._


Hi @dan_gaspari- currently we support MongoDB 1.10 and below. I can definitely see the need to support the newer versions- I submitted a feature request on your behalf to make our product managers aware of your interest and needs. Thank you for helping us improve the product!


Great. The new version of the Mongo driver came out pretty recently - just wanted to make sure it was on your radar. Thanks!


Any news about support for v2.0 driver?


Hi @tuler - no new news yet. I will submit a feature request on your behalf, thank you for helping improve the product!


We have also lost visibility of Mongo transactions. Can I upvote the feature request?


Hi @matthew

I’ve added you to this feature request as well. Thank you!


So its been 2 more months and the new Driver 2.2 is supposed to have new “APM” features and Mongo is even saying that they worked with New Relic for their new drivers to support APM. Has their been any progress here. I really need to profile our mongo traffic.


@Bret - Still no news but I will add your up-vote.


Can I be added to the list of users wanted this please.


Hi @jpdrawneek I’ve gone ahead and added you to the feature request.


@nrodman does the announcement found here .NET Agent Release Notes affect Mongo 2.X driver? Is it now supported in Async mode?


@Bret - It’s Mongo driver 1.10 that’s supported. With agent version 5.13, Mongo driver 1.10 is also supported when the agent is in async mode.


Is there any ETA on this? I keep checking back to see when I should upgrade the New Relic version and am always shocked to see its not there yet…


@Bret We haven’t announced an ETA or release date on this yet. We will be sure to notify everyone when there is an update though! Let me know if you have any questions.


Hey there. I noticed that there is a new Async mode available for the .NET New Relic agent.

Looks like MongoDB transactions won’t work with it yet. But it’s promising to see better support for async methods - hopefully in the future we’ll see support for the 2.0 MongoDB driver’s async methods as well.

Just wanted to post an update and let folks know I’m still interested in seeing support for this.


Hi @dan_gaspari , thanks for reaching out! I’ll bring this to our product manager’s attention. Thank you a again for the great suggestion!


Wow, just wow. Here it is a complete year later and we still have no visibility into Mongo using the newest drivers…


I know, I know :anguished: It has been a long time coming, @Bret. Sorry to keep you waiting. I don’t have a date to share with you on this right now, but I can share that this has been prioritized appropriately by our engineering team. Thanks for your patience. I’ll give an update again as soon as I can.


Well the v6 .NET agent has native async support (.NET agent release notes), so that’s promising. Hopefully that’ll make it easier to support the latest mongoDB drivers.