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Feature Idea: support http4s



support http4s
It’s a pretty popular web framework in scala

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.


Hey @qi1 - Thanks for posting here! I have added a Feature Request internally here on your behalf, and in addition I have added a poll to this request as well for others to add their votes. :smiley:


In the meantime, you can use Kamon for report to NR


Hi Fernando,

Thanks for the input. Is Kamon only for reporting custom metrics or I can use http4s+kamon with NR and I’ll have auto generated metrics?


Yes, you can. But you must translate the Kamon metrics to NR manually.


@fernando.giannetti looks like hasn’t been updated for a while…is it still maintained?


We are not using kamon-newrelic. We get the kamon metrics and send them throught the NR agent.
Something like:

NewRelic.recordResponseTimeMetric(“WebTransactionTotalTime”, valueInMs)

That’s why i said “manually”


Hi Ryan,

My team relies on NewRelic quite a lot and we’re completely blocked from using http4s because of the lack of support for it. We would’ve build something of our own if only NR had a public API that allowed reporting transactions ourselves, but there’s no such API. Can we get an update on this, or a possibility of exposing some more ways to report transactions than using a very limited @Trace annotation (which makes it impossible to report from a http4s app without blocking threads)?


Hi @RyanVeitch. In our project, we have the same situation as in @j.kozlowski team.
Currently, in Scala projects that rely on stack, http4s is used by default as an HTTP client.

Are you going to support it?


Hi @d.melnychuk - I’m not sure about the Java Agent roadmap, but I can certainly get this post seen by those with more insight than me. I’ll follow up when I learn more on this.


Hi @RyanVeitch. Does NewRelic’s roadmap contain tasks to handle such Scala technical stack (currently used in most projects)?

Fortunately, I found that you will support Scala 2.13 Feature Idea: Scala 2.13 support


Hey @d.melnychuk - My understanding is that the Java roadmap includes more support for more recent versions of Scala. I’m not sure how that impacts a broader scala tech stack, but I’ll add in @aarora1, the Java product manager, who may be able to comment on that.