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Feature Idea: Synthetic Ping failures should trigger only when all locations fail at the same time



Yes for sure, @jsprague. Glad you added your voice to this thread! Hope you voted above, too! :wink:


It’s been over 18 months now since the request was submitted by Eric.
It would be great if you could provide more (any) information on the progress.

Unfortunately this is not the first useful feature request I’ve seen in this forum that has been left in limbo.


Any update on this? Going on 28 months now with no resolution. Seems ridiculous we should get paged in the middle of the night for New Relic infrastructure problems. Or that we can’t rely on Synthetics for anything important.


I too would like an update on this. This thread’s approaching 3 years with no updates from NR in over a year. Another thread has been open for 2 years now with a similar request, without any real updates from NR at all.

There are 116 total votes across two threads, which are asking for virtually the same feature, and neither of them has moved an inch in the time they’ve been open.

What’s going on with this? Is it anywhere in the roadmap? Why have no updates been provided?