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Feature Idea: Synthetics REST API - optional response validation



I’m working on hooking up my company’s automated processes to add/delete/enable/disable/mute monitors in Synthetics. Currently I have all that working via Powershell using your REST API. But the Synthetics interface on the website exposes the “response validation” string setting, which I haven’t been able to find in your API documentation.

Is it possible to set the optional response validation string for simple Ping checks via the REST API?

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  • I want this, too
  • I have more info to share (reply below)
  • I have a solution for this

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.


Dear @Mike.G ,

unfortunately it’s currently not possible to set “response validation” on a monitor via API.

We have support for that in our backlog.
Stay tuned.



We were looking for this as well. It will be significantly more work to convert our simple checks with response validation to api scripts.


Thanks for letting us know, @tnorris! I will be sure to pass your use case along to my product managers. :blush:


Regarding tnorris’ alternative of using a scripted monitor, for my organization that would be a non starter given the number of monitors we need, and the cost of the advanced scripted monitors would be astronomical.

This missing core feature in the API is the biggest barrier from my organization switching to use Synthetics. We’ve thought about entering all our monitors, and then having each team member spend 20-30 minutes adding the text to look for, but that isn’t future proof as we will add more monitors through the API, and then someone needs to remember to come in and add the text validation. Too much room for error, and risk missing and not responding to an outage.


Ah I see, @Mike.G. That additional info helps me understand and I think you are right: scripted monitors would be a bit of a risk.

I will be sure to add your use case and extra input to your feature request. Glad you stopped back by to clarify. :thumbsup:



Has there been any enhancements to let us use the REST api to set the response validation string in PING monitors? Please let me know.



Hello Sathya,
The Synthetics Team has a solution for you.

In the API call you need to add the options section. To do this you should add the validationString under options. Here is an example:

“name”: string [required],
“type”: string (SIMPLE, BROWSER, SCRIPT_API, SCRIPT_BROWSER) [required],
“frequency”: integer (minutes) [required, must be one of 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 360, 720, or 1440],
“uri”: string [required for SIMPLE and BROWSER type],
“locations”: array of strings [at least one required],
“status”: string (ENABLED, MUTED, DISABLED) [required],
“slaThreshold”: double,
“options”: {
“validationString”: string [only valid for SIMPLE and BROWSER types],
“verifySSL”: boolean (true, false) [only valid for SIMPLE and BROWSER types],
“bypassHEADRequest”: boolean (true, false) [only valid for SIMPLE types],
“treatRedirectAsFailure”: boolean (true, false) [only valid for SIMPLE types]

Please let me know if this works for you.

Steve Kalm


This is great! Thank you!


Thank you for getting this feature in there.



I am playing with the synthetics rest api and I notice that I can only update the validation string if and only if I include this option and a non empty validation string. I would like to be able to remove the validation string from a monitor using the rest api - otherwise I cannot fully automate the management of synthetics monitors.