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Feature Idea: Time zone in Error Analytics view




Years ago I reported that the time zone in the error analytics view doesn’t fit to my selected time zone. This is still not fixed. I continue loosing trust into the data I see in NewRelic. It feels like I’m mostly guessing what the graphs mean.

Is this on your roadmap?

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.


Hey @jan I looked at your user preferences, it looks like you’re timezone is set to UTC, which does not change for daylight savings time (DST). Perhaps that is why your charts appear in an unexpected timezone. Could you change your user preferences timezone to one that is location based, such that it does change for DST?


Sorry, I don’t understand your answer. I expect that the error analytics are shown in UTC but they are not.


Actually it looks like it shows UTC+2 which would match my local time zone. Obviously, this is not what I want.

Most other graphs are shown as UTC - but I don’t feel I can really trust the data I see.


@jan It looks like you’re right. I did some testing here and from what I see, Error Analytics is using your system time.

You may already know that Insights does this too. Error Analytics is backed by Insights event based data. They use System time for charting.

Other APM Charts are made up of metric based data. Metrics will use the timezone set in your User Preferences, which is currently UTC. If you change your timezone in the User Preferences to match that of your System Time, then your event and metric charts should match up :slight_smile:

See how to do that here:


@RyanVeitch Thanks for the explanation. Your suggestion is, mildly speaking, nonsense.

I want my metrics data to be shown in UTC, like all other data I’m looking at is, too. When working with people across several timezones this is important.

How can I show all metrics data, including Error Analytics, in UTC?

If that is not possible, please file a PR.


@jan, I agree that my suggestion is less than ideal. Unfortunately currently there is no way to force charts to stick to a timezone outside of updating your user preferences, or your system time.

As you note I will add a feature request internally for you, and I’ll edit your note with a poll for others to vote on this feature and include their use-cases. :slight_smile:


Hi @RyanVeitch,

I’m not a native speaker, so please forgive my that I don’t 100% understand your sentence but didn’t you want to say: “Unfortunately currently there is no way to force charts to stick to the timezone in your user preferences”

The chart is NOT show in the timezone of my user preferences (UTC)


@jan sorry for the confusion. I mean to say that some charts use system time, and others use user preferences. There is no way to make all charts match that, unless your system time also matches your user preferences time too.

As such the feature request I filed should hopefully help.


Thanks, would you share your interal FR id with me for the comunincation with your sales team? Would make the discussion easier what our main pain point is with NR at the moment and why we’re interesting in diving deeper into NewRelic insights and possibly mobile.


Hey @jan, sure - While our feature request system is not something you will have access to, I will private message you the feature ID for your conversations with your sales executive.


This has been the cause of confusion on several occasions in my team. It seems like a bug to me and not a feature. I’d like to add another voice to the request to get this fixed please.


Hi @sam.smith1 - you are right! It would be awesome for everyone involved if all our products handled issues like time zone and other UI functions consistently. I know this does not help you today, but we do have a team who is focused on making our products more cohesive, so we should all be seeing more consistency over time. In the meantime, thanks for continuing to raise issues and push us. It’s your feedback that makes New Relic better.