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Feature Idea: Titanium Android 6.0.0.GA Support




Do you have any plans to support the latest Titanium SDK?

Here is a guide on how to rebuild the module (I can’t post the link but if you google “Rebuilding modules for Titanium 6” it’s the first link)

Or give me a link to the source code of the module so I can build it myself.

Thank you

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  • I want this, too
  • I have more info to share (reply below)
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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.

Titanium Module for Titanium 6.x sdk

Hey there, @gabiu! Thanks for reaching out! And great share—that guide is awesome! Others in this community will love to take a look at that.

We do not support Titanium at this time, however, I would be happy to create an official request for this feature. Please be sure you vote in our poll above as well.

Titanium 6.0 Android Support?

@Linds Well, then just release the source code of the module and the community will do the rest :slight_smile:


When did you stop supporting titanium? There have been several releases of this module previously, and we have been using it for years. This is just a change in the requirtments for a new version, much like when iOS started requiring 64bit


@gabiu @josh3 Hi! Titanium – good question. We’ve seen the interest in our Titanium support wavering. We’ve put a hold on additional development efforts so that we can focus a bit better on other product enhancements. We continue to support older versions. I’d be happy to track the vote count for Titanium support to help inform what we do moving forward.


I agree if you have no plans to support it, please opensource it. It is the only thing holding up our release and we will have to make the decision at some point what to do about that.


Hey @josh3 - I don’t have anything new to share since @sbily updated this thread.

Your suggestion of open sourcing Titanium is a good recommendation and we will continue to look into it. A bit of back story: the open sourcing conversation has come up before and the path of making this open source is tricky and time consuming so it hasn’t been prioritized as of right now.

That is the reason we add a voting mechanism to these feature ideas so we can gauge the need with our customers. Please be sure to add your vote and thanks again for checking in.


The changes needed to make this work with 6.0 would take less time than the time we have spent replying about it…if open source takes too much time and effort, have a dev look at it for 30 min.


Totally hear you, @josh3 - and heaven knows I am trying. :blush:

Thanks for being patient with this!



Has there been any decision to either update this module or opensource it? we can update this ourselves if resources are tight.

The 6.0.0.GA release of Appcelerator’s SDK was Nov 2016 – the fix needed will take 10 minutes, we are not able to use New Relic in our Android apps if this module is not updated.

Can we please get an update or can you please provide the module source code on github for our community to update?



@Linds Here’s another angle, since Appcelerator just made Hyperloop available to everyone without a price wall(allowing direct access to native apis and 3rd party libraries via javascript) maybe you could build the JS needed to use the existing android and ios products you have and continue to support as opposed to continuing supporting titanium as another platform.


Excellent! Thanks for sharing, @josh3! It is so helpful to hear other/all use cases. :thumbsup:


I have tried to go down the Hyperloop route and it will not work due to the dex/compile needs of the library as well as Hyperloop not having access to the onCreate() method. I have also tried to create a module from scratch using the latest Android library from NewRelic, I have gotten closer with this approach however I have run into several issues that I am attempting to work through, hopefully I will have more to share soon.


I have a rough module working using the native New Relic Android Module. This is my first attempt at a Android Titanium module so it is a little rough and clunky and if anyone wants to help clean it up I would appreciate it. Currently you have to add your App token to the source and recompile in order for it to work. One thing I have noticed is that we seem to be having crashes on KitKat versions of Android(4.4.x) but older and newer seem ok. I am not sure if this is a Titanium bug, New Relic Bug, or my own bug. Please feel free to use and if you know how to make it better, please do so.


Hey Josh – Thanks for getting this moving. Looks like a good start for the module. Do you have access to the native module API anywhere that we can further build on? @Linds maybe you have more information on access to the APIs?


Hey @Linds any updates on the official request for this feature ?


Hey @Adrian.Chen - No update right now, but our Mobile Product Manager @gwildfire just announced that we are working on a cross-platform friendly agent. That will (I hope :crossed_fingers:) help with this.