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Feature Idea: Use API to update alert channels



We would like to be able to update Alert channels via a PUT call to the API. Example use cases would be updating the recipients for an email channel or the webhook URL for a Slack channel.

This is especially problematic with Terraform, which has to destroy then re-create channels when any parameter is changed.

Ron Lipke
Gannett/USA Today

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.


Interesting use case, @rlipke! Thanks for posting it here in the community so we can collect interest around this via votes! Please add yours as well! :blush:


I signed up because I hit exactly this and chased it for a while. To make terraform useful here we really need a PUT to update an existing channel, but we also need GET to return configuration so that we can compare it to what we expect.

At the moment an example GET return is:
“id”: XXXX,
“name”: “Dev/Test Account”,
“type”: “pagerduty”,
“links”: {
“policy_ids”: [

and as you can see does not return the pagerduty service id. This means that terraform is going to try and update this value every time because it doesn’t know what the old value is. Though as mentioned, this is still better than the current situation which has to recreate the object and thus destroy the links to policies.

I’m going to preempt the “but security” response with the caveat that i don’t care if you send me back the actual key, you can hash it, or whatever scheme you like. I just need a way to verify that the newrelic configuration is the same as what i think it is.

Note that you can always tell that data like this is needed when:
provide exactly what we need, but are internal only. Please don’t cripple the public APIs.


Corresponding terraform issue:


I’m after this feature as well, I am planning on writing an Ansible module for managing New Relic alerts and hence an update endpoint would be super useful.


Thank you for sharing your use case with us, @David.ReedFrancis! I will pass along your input to our Alerts Product manager. Be sure to also vote in the thread above! :blush:


Any updates on this? It’s a pain having to manage alerts in terraform without this.


Hey @Hoshang.Sadiq No updates right now but I’ll get your +1 added. :slight_smile:


Bump - would be very useful to have this and a GET by ID for managing alerts/notification channels.


Thanks @duncan.sommerville - I’ll get your +1 added here :slight_smile:


Nearly two years later… can I add a +100? :slight_smile:


Hey @volte - sorry that we have no update right now - I’ll get your +100 added here!


Thanks Ryan! That +100 should move it up the list of priorities, right? :wink:


I hope so too :crossed_fingers: