Feature Idea: Using Ionic Framework with NewRelic

What is the best way to use NewRelic with the Ionic Framework? Because Ionic apps are webviews with javascript is it possible to just use the javascript RUM? Are there benefits to using the mobile SDK’s with wrappers to ionic?

There are 2 separate posts (Android / iOS) that talk about using the mobile SDK but my question is more general.

Wondering if anyone has used NewRelic with Ionic and how to best integrate it.

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.

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Hey @ryantology–Our mobile SDKs do not officially support the Ionic framework yet but we have been monitoring interest in it.

I will file a feature request on your behalf to express your interest to our product management team in us adding support for this framework.

You may get partial instrumentation using New Relic Browser with the copy and paste deployment method for that monitoring agent, however this is not something that we’ve tested internally.

Did new relic browser helped you in any way @ryantology?

I am also interested in Ionic measurement.

Any updates on this issue?

Hey @nyeung – At this time we still do not have any plans for adding direct support for the Ionic framework, but we’ll be happy to file a feature request so that your interest is relayed to our product management team.

And while there is nothing planned at this time, should we have any news to announce in the future regarding Ionic support we will update this thread with details.

We appreciate your feedback!

We currently use adobe PhoneGap for our build process does New Relic support adobe PhoneGap?

Hi @nyeung - this post may be of interest:

Would you like me to add a feature request for this as well?

Hi Lisa,

Yes, can you add a feature request?

Best regards,

Hi @nyeung

I’ve gone ahead and submitted a feature request on your behalf to our product managers.

I tried copy and paste the New Relic Browser instrumentation javascript snippet into the section of the index.html file in ionic, but I see no data going to New Relic. I think the New Relic code is not triggered at all. Has anyone got any success?


Is using newrelic with ionic still not feasible?

Still no word on it— @Christopher_White I would be happy to put in a feature request to our product managers for you. The more voices they hear about it, the better!

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+1 from here too - does anyone have experience with just using the JS code in there, it’s “just” for the browser analytics anyway :smile:

I’ll add a feature request for you right now, @spriz!

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+1 for me please. We use Ionic Framework almost exclusively now for Android and iOS development.

I’ve added a +1 on the Feature Request for you @jep!

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+1 to add Ionic Framework support.

You got it, @kelly.garcia! I’ll pass your +1 along to my product managers!

+1 , I’m looking forward for some news!

Great, @mghidini! I’m adding your +1 now! Thanks for letting me know—stay tuned for future news!