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Feature Idea: Using Ionic Framework with NewRelic



+1, we use Ionic for all our Android & iOS projects


Gotcha, @aed! Adding a feature request for you now! Thanks for chiming in. :blush:


+1, for me too. And is there a public list of these feature request?


There is no public feature request list that I can share at this time, @rcapile. I will go ahead and add your +1 so my product managers can see your need for Ionic. They can update you here in the forum if there is any news to share.

Thanks for pitching in to this feature request!


Any update on this? +1 for me too


No news right now, @anuc! I will add your +1 as a feature request and pass it along to our product team. Thanks for pitching in! :thumbsup:


+1, we use Ionic for all our Android & iOS projects


Thanks for chiming in @Malerie.Pace. We’ve been updating the way we handle feature requests. If you could add your vote to the top, we’ll be tracking this issue.


Any updates on this one? Would love to know about ionic instrumentation…


Hey @saikiran.tagore - No update right now, but our Mobile product manager has posted about some of these additional frameworks:


Any Update on this? we have a Ionic hybrid app with three build out puts, Android, iOS and Windows.


Hey @Bhagya.Nirmani - No update right now - please see my comment above however, where our Mobile product manager details plans for an extensible agent to work with additional frameworks.