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Feature Idea: Windows Service Monitoring



@QuietWyatt Thank you. The problem with CPU usage is that some of these services can have a very low CPU usage at times and so it is hard to tell the difference between it being stopped and simply not getting many requests.


I would add my own +1 here as well. The ability to determine absolutely if a service is running and responding (whether through alerts or some other means) would be great. A good portion of our mission critical components are services so false-alarms would be bad news if we are checking CPU and get an alert during slow periods.



Please add my vote also!


Done! :slight_smile: I’ve sent this on to the product managers. Thank you!


Has any headway been made with this feature request?

Currently we have monitoring spread across multiple verticals (NR, Nagios and CloudWatch) - I would love to consolidate everything into New Relic for simplicity.

Will there ever be a feature for custom checks within nrsysmond aside from the standard disk, CPU and memory checks? Frankly I am surprised this hasn’t already been offered since it is probably one of the most requested features of any monitoring suite.


@jason_l_wordtmann we don’t currently have a new feature that addresses the original request. I’d like to get some more information about your specific needs. Are you interested in alerting when a service stops for any reason? Are your services written using the .NET framework?

It is possible to alert on the process metric as reported by the Windows Server Monitor using our Alerts Beta. The metric would be ProcessSamples/{user name}/{process name} and I use throughput as the value and the condition of below 1 at least once in 5 minutes.

If it’s a .NET service there are other similar possibilities through APM monitoring with the .NET agent.


I’m having trouble getting this to work for a Windows server where I’m trying to monitor the SQL Server service which is running with a domain account. Can you post an example of how this would work? Right now my threshold looks like the attached where “usr” is the name of the domain account. I’ve tried with an suffix on the username as well as with and without the .exe on the process name. With the process back running the alert is not automatically recovering. Any suggestions? @QuietWyatt


Hey @paustin,

The best way to discover the user field for the ProcessSample that is reporting from the server would be to use Custom Dashboards or the REST API to get the exact metric match as described in the following doc:

Once you get the exact metric, then you can plug it into the custom metric alerts field. Hope that helps!



I can’t believe NewRelic still doesn’t do this out of the box.

I’ve tried two different plugins which are supposed to report to NewRelic. Neither of them work, NR support say no stats reported even though I can see the traffic going out. So support ends there.

This needs to be a native function of the Windows Agent : and hence it would be supported by tech.

Please make this happen!


@richard_g - Thanks for your input. I’ve added your up vote.



And it would also be handy to monitor scheduled tasks.


Got your +1 @jstlns - and also noted the added interest in monitoring scheduled tasks. Thank you!


+1 for this feature request


Another vote for this feature.

Really hope this comes to light as it’s a really vital area for us and I would think nearly all teams with production Windows servers. We have to make sure this is monitored somehow.


Yet another vote for this. This function is the only thing stopping us from moving all our clients to New Relic from our current Hostmonitor solution.


Gotcha @Trickey, @jntre, @Xtatik! Putting in a feature request for you now! :thumbsup:



We’d love this functionality too! Can you add us to the feature request?



Absolutely, @cpressland! Adding a feature request for you right now! :blush:


Hi, I would like this functionality of being about to monitor windows services. Please can you add me to this feature request, thanks


Thanks for pitching in, @chaddon! Adding your interest to this feature request right now! :thumbsup: