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Feature Idea: Windows Service Monitoring



Yet another person putting in a request for this feature. Please add my proverbial vote to the pile.


Added! @CodeWolfe Thanks for letting me know! :blush:


any update on this? loads of people are requesting this feature it would clearly be very popular!


This is a long waited feature from i’m gonna say 99.9% of the New Relic users. Hopping for it to become available in the near future.


@Trickey @CarlosTeixeira It is a popular request and long awaited! Thanks for adding your voice to this thread. There is no news as of right now, but I will make sure and add a feature request for both of you! Thanks! :thumbsup:


We would very much like this feature along with monitoring scheduled tasks as well.


Hi @kristoffer_jansson , Putting in a feature request for you now!


+1 From here. We would very much like this feature along with monitoring scheduled tasks as well.


Thanks for letting me know, @kas! I will create a feature request for you right now!


Hi I would really like this functionality too. Add me Plaese. Thanks


Is this DONE? whether in free or enterprise edition? come on, we really need this out of the box. Simple service monitoring like when it stop, alert us.


You all have been very patient with this request. Monitoring individual services for their up/down state is an important feature, and one that will be addressed later this year (though I’m sure not as soon as we’d all like). You’ll be able to identify running services in the UI or via query and set up alerting when for when they change state (start or stop). I will post again to this thread when we have something available. Thanks.


+1 Im all for this too… been waiting years for it.

But! At the moment I can go to Server, select Processes select the process of my concern and I will see :

  • Memory Graph
  • CPU Graph
  • Running instance count Graph

Neither Memory nor Running Instance Count are available for alerting (or custom graph/metric) Really frustrating… Its there! I just cant use it for alerting…


@carl_boberg I am so glad that you shared that! I see and understand your frustration 100%. I will go ahead and pass your +1 along to product management as a feature request along with the info you provided!

Thanks so much for coming to the forum and letting us know your need for this feature :blush:


Add another +1. We’re being forced to use SCOM in this scenario and we’d rather have it all in one tool.


@mjsumerano I have added your +1!


i would like to add a +1 to this as well.
Service status monitoring is key for a well rounded solution.


Hey @Peter.Dwyer! Thanks for letting us know! Please participate in our poll above. :thumbsup:


We’re waiting for this feature with bated breath. Anytime you’re ready to release this will work for us.


+1 on this feature. Our organisation could benefit greatly if this becomes available.