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Feature Idea: Windows Service Monitoring



Thanks @Trevor_Dearham and @jeffj803 for sharing your insight with us. I have looped in our Infrastructure Product Manager so the team can look into your interesting conversation. Please know that your feedback has been seen and we really appreciate you taking the time to participate in the community.



Just want to get some clarification. Is service state monitoring something that new relic can do at this stage or not? Is it possible to monitor windows services and get alerts sent out when a service has stopped running etc?




Do we have any updated on this one, Can we do the specific windows service monitoring. We have got bunch of self hosted micro-services we are looking to monitor.



Have you tried using NR custom plugin for windows performance monitoring ( You can edit the config.json fikle ( ) to have custom queries/events that surface as custom events under Insights> data explorer, that you can use to monitor any windows server. We’ve been using it and it works well for us. Hope that helps.


Great share, @SriKrishna.Tadinada! Thank you!

Even more, I am glad to hear you are having success with this custom plugin. :blush:


Hi NR folks,
I’ve just been through this myself, and have some results to share:

Infrastructure Agent loads information about windows_services into NR as part of the Infrastructure Inventory
Infrastructure Inventory changes are visible as Infrastructure Events
But neither Infrastructure Inventory nor InfrastructureEvent: Inventory Changes are valid sources for alerting

This NRQL will allow you to add it to a dashboard or (hopefullY) make an alert

SELECT uniqueCount(hostname) FROM InfrastructureEvent WHERE source = ‘services/windows_services’ AND (changedPath = ‘services/windows_services/IISADMIN’ OR changedPath = ‘services/windows_services/W3SVC’) AND summary LIKE ‘Service stopped:%’ TIMESERIES

No need to do anything special with the client config

but yes, NR ought to make this a little easier



Hey @bruce2 - Thanks for adding that workaround using NRQL here. Of course an out of the box solution is always nicer than a workaround, but I’m sure others can benefit from the work you’ve done here with your NRQL query.