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Feature Idea: Xamarin Support for Mobile APM



Hey @erausner Thanks for adding your name to the mix. I’ve gone ahead and added your +1 to the feature request!



Any update on this, please?


Hey @kirsty_luke! Thanks for the POKE :blush:
I don’t have any news at this time. I have, however, added a poll to this thread because of all the interest. Please be sure to vote above. :white_check_mark:

I will be passing your interest along to our product team as well. Any other details or a use case you can provide would be great. Thanks again!


How can it be that New Relic is still not having anything on this topic? All this after 3 years! Xamarin has grown so much now but still no news from you.
I don’t want to use Azure Mobile Center … we use New Relic for application monitoring and Mobile for Xamarin would have been the ideal solution for end to end monitoring of our application (Backends, APIs, Web Applications, Mobile …).
Would be happy to see something coming up soon. At least an engagement that something is coming.


Hi @dla! I wish we did! It’s a fairly big project that hasn’t gotten the same number of requests as some of the other things we’ve prioritized, but we’re still trying to figure out how to squeeze it in!


NewRelic is the only large APM that is NOT currently supporting Xamarin. It would be good to add NewRelic to that list as we are not able to use NR within our org because of that limitation.


Can you guys provide the static library(.a) for the Newrelic along with.framework. So I can use it for Xamarin.iOS binding.


+1 for Xamarin Support


I echo @smuthineni’s request. if you an provide a static libary (.a) or a framework file we can help you generate the bindings. Same for Android, we need .aar package.


Chiming in…

Our company is searching for a new mobile, xamarin-supported, APM and New Relic would be an ideal solution (the majority of our web apps already leverage NR’s APM).


Also adding my vote. 3 years from the original post and no movement? :unamused:


+1 on behalf of my company (a consultancy, with potentially a whole bunch of clients who would be interested in NR if Xamarin support were available! )

Per @sbily 's question “What aspects of performance monitoring for Xamarin would be most valuable?”, our near-term wish-list would be:

  • HTTP request monitoring (response times, throughput, average data transferred)
  • Detailed HTTP error reporting
  • User Interaction Summary

With longer-term wins being:

  • User Interaction Traces
  • Interaction Trail for App Crashes
  • Carrier Performance Reporting


+1 on behalf of our organization. This feature is important because most important customer facing apps are written using Xamarin. Following details would be required -

HTTP request monitoring (response times, throughput, apdex, most time consuming, slowest requests)
Detailed HTTP error reporting
User Interaction Summary
Carrier Performance Reporting
Ability to add and report Custom attributes
app crash and traces


+1 for this feature. Seems 4 years passed this feature requested. I’m expecting timeline at least.


Hi All,
Can you please me to integrate in cross plate form mobile apps those are developed under the hood of C# with the help of visual studio.

Mohsin Khan


Hi @khan.mohsin - Welcome to the Explorers Hub!

This is an existing feature idea, so I moved your post to that thread to add to the voices requesting support for Xamarin.

This feature idea has been around for a long time. For all the folks on this thread:

I definitely understand that not seeing a request you want to see implemented is frustrating, and I’m sorry about that. We are constantly updating our products, but we also receive about 10 feature requests per week just on this site (not including the ones that are filed through support tickets and client meetings). We work hard to prioritize which features get added based on customer involvement, but when we prioritize a feature, it also means that we’re choosing not to do others at that time. In short - there are many more requests than we can actually implement.

I know you understand that as someone who works in software, but I also understand why you’re frustrated. If this is a feature you feel really strongly about, you can definitely work with your rep to raise its importance, and you can also raise the visibility of this post. When we hear from a lot of customers, it does help.


I am surprised that this has not been completed by New Relic yet. You are now losing traction to your competition as App Dynamics have an offering.


@stefan_garnham Hi! We are glad to hear from you, and I’m sorry that we don’t have Xamarin support. We do have to prioritize and can’t do everything, as awesome as that would be! We will continue to track Xamarin and regularly compare it to other work to make sure we are best supporting our customers. Thank you for pushing us!

Failure to send data to NewRelic from iOS

A few years ago, I used New Relic for an iPad-based product. I was impressed with how easy it was to integrate, and the wealth of information available when using New Relic APM. I’m now with an organization that does not have the resources to develop mobile apps natively in iOS or Android - so we’re using Xamarin. I have been pleasantly surprised by how far Xamarin has come in just a few years, and thanks to the new SkiaSharp graphics library, we can now develop custom UI controls across all mobile platforms using a single code base. No more custom renderers for each platform. But unfortunately, New Relic does not offer a solution for this development approach.

I have no idea what the adoption rates are for Xamarin, and therefore I don’t know if it makes business sense for New Relic to devote resources towards APM in Xamarin. I also won’t pretend to know all of the technical details. But I am disappointed that New Relic does not offer a solution. I suppose I’ll need to go look at App Dynamics.


Hello and good news! We are working toward a solution for these cross-platform frameworks. There is no exact timeline yet, but we are expecting a new offering sometime before the end of 2019. We’ll be sure to reach out when we’ve launched it.

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