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Feature Idea: Xamarin Support for Mobile APM



+1 for Xamarin here. All Flavours.


Hi @dan_shoubridge - I’ve sent you request to our product managers. :slight_smile:


Hey any news on the topic? We also would love to see new relic having xamarin support.


Hey @ota,
I don’t have an update at the moment but I’ve logged your interest with our product management team


Hi. Is new relic SDK for Xamarin ready to use? +1 for a Xamarin library as we find new relic useful but cant use cos of Xamarin


Hi @moses.liao - I don’t have any updates on Xamarin support. I have logged a feature request for you to our product managers.


Would also like to raise the demand for Xamarin, we’re currently use NR for use for monitoring and are on the path to utilizing Xamarin. It would be great to use NR Xamarin rather than re-evaluating other monitoring tools.


Hi @Lisa , any estimation about roadmap for the Xamarin support?


@dsezen I wish I had an update or a timeline for you on supporting Xamarin. I have added you to the request, and we will notify if support is announced. Thanks for bumping the thread, it helps our Product Managers see the impact supporting this feature could make.


Yes on Xamarin Support


You got it @cbartonnh :thumbsup: Putting in that feature request now for ya!


We love to hear your feedback and are tracking your Xamarin requests. We would not be able to provide the same level of information as we do for the native agents. What aspects of performance monitoring for Xamarin would be most valuable?


Hi Guys, Can I put in another vote for getting Xamarin support released please. Given Microsoft’s recent acquisition it would seem to make a lot of commercial sense to move forward with this?


Hey @paul.miller thanks for expressing your interest. I’ve added your +1 vote.


+1 for this feature.

I have been working on a native binding for the NewRelicAgent framework in Xamarin.iOS. It works (builds, runs and data shows up in NR dashboards) if I don’t include any other packages or libraries that also contain PLCrashReporter (like in our case both Xamarin Insights and Google Analytics). But when I do include any of those, I get 100+ “duplicate symbol” linker errors related to PLCrashReporter. I have played around with some of the “iOS Build -> additional mtouch arguments” (like --registrar:static) but I don’t understand them or ObjC well enough to get any further than this. There are no iOS experts at my company so we have been stymied. I would be happy to share the project, it’s pretty simple. Somehow Xamarin Insights and Google Analytics are able to play nice with each other. We would be thrilled if somebody could get this binding to work or come up with an alternate approach!


@danny.campbell I’ve added your +1 to the feature request! Good luck with your project!!


+1 for Xamarin support. Our APM is New Relic based and we’d love to move all our monitoring onto one platform for all publishing platforms (.Net desktop and web, iOS, Android, Windows mobile).


Hey @erausner Thanks for adding your name to the mix. I’ve gone ahead and added your +1 to the feature request!



Any update on this, please?


Hey @kirsty_luke! Thanks for the POKE :blush:
I don’t have any news at this time. I have, however, added a poll to this thread because of all the interest. Please be sure to vote above. :white_check_mark:

I will be passing your interest along to our product team as well. Any other details or a use case you can provide would be great. Thanks again!