Feature Idea: Yii2 support as framework

Of course! Added just there. Thanks for letting us know :smiley:

Done this as a composer package



Awesome! How do you transaction namings look now you’ve deployed your own plugin? If you have a link to an active application using it I’d love to take a look. Great example of using the API to achieve your goal :smile:

Like this: $app->controller->id . '/' . $app->requestedAction->id or site/index

App: https://rpm.newrelic.com/accounts/981338/applications/6524805

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Looks really clean and functional. Like what you’ve done there. Excellent use of our API. I hope others find it as useful until we have baked in support for Yii2.

I would love native support for yii2 in NewRelic. We are slowly upgrading our yii1 apps to yii2 and it’s sad that each time, we lose the visibility of our app in NewRelic.

We have tried the https://github.com/bazilio91/yii2-newrelic solution and we are grateful for it but somehow we’re missing some things, in particular, the error reporting doesn’t seem to work.


Would be great to have a native yii2 support as it will improive teh usage in our app.

Is it planned for this to happen?

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I can’t speak directly to our roadmap plans, @tomfotherby but please vote above! Our Product Managers come here to check in on use cases and amount of interest. Thanks!