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Feature request: NRQL alerts should trigger off / provide result sets in the e-mail/incident


In order to workaround the limitations of synthetic check alerts (Feature request: “Synthetic check fails for any reason” needs more options and more detail (too vague/broad)) we’ve set up a number of NRQL alerts based on data that our synthetic monitor sends to Insights. The NRQL based alerts are extremely limited in their reliance on using a function like “count” to return a number and trigger on greater/lesser than conditions when the alert feature itself should be able to count the rows returned on its own. This specifically is a problem because ultimately a “count” is only going to return something like a graph when what would be more useful much of the time is the actual result set of the Insights query. In all of our use cases we may be looking for events in which ‘> 0’ should trigger an alert but what we actually need is the data from the query, not the count of how many rows met that criteria… example:

Sequentially through these images you can see that in the e-mail, the incident and then the link to the Insights query that all we are ever shown is a limited detail graph. It takes 3 steps to get to the Insights query:

SELECT count(*) FROM SyntheticCheck WHERE custom.myAssignments=‘false’ AND monitorId=‘9778902a-6f8b-49cd-9e16-39b938b39e79’ TIMESERIES 1 minute SINCE ‘2018-08-16 21:46:00’ UNTIL ‘2018-08-17 03:45:00’

And then change it to something more useful that returns the result set:
SELECT * FROM SyntheticCheck WHERE custom.myAssignments=‘false’ AND monitorId=‘9778902a-6f8b-49cd-9e16-39b938b39e79’ SINCE ‘2018-08-16 21:46:00’ UNTIL ‘2018-08-17 03:45:00’

In our case we have the added inconvenience of needing to extract the “id” value from this result and append it to the results URL for synthetics due to the aforementioned synthetic limitations:

NRQL based alerts should count the result set on their own instead of limiting the query to count() or something other number function and return the result set both in the e-mail and in the incident… see attached:

The graph would be fine in these e-mails/incidents but without a result set they aren’t that useful much of the time

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.


Wow! What an incredibly detailed Feature Idea. I have passed this on to our product teams, and I have added a poll here for others to vote on.

Thanks for the feature suggestion @Michael.Sleep