Feature request - NRQL string functions

+1 for a concat function :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks for the +1, we’ll get them added here internally

It’s been YEARS and still nothing?

Hey @rpresser I’m afraid we don’t have an update. We’ll get your +1 added here though.

+1 Waiting for regex, substring, concat


Hey @jean.y.gutana_nd - Thanks for the +1, got that logged for you :slight_smile:

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waiting for it, need string function for concat and substr

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Hey @himanshu.jain - your +1 has been added :slight_smile:

+1 waiting for regex support

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Thanks for the +1 @raman1 - I got that logged for you

6 years for string functions for NQRL, really ?


Hey @andrzej.gadek - it has been a while! I don’t have an update on string functions for you, but I’ll get your interest logged for you. I’ll also talk to the Product Manager to see if we can get an update on this. :slight_smile:

The specific use case I’m interested in doesn’t need full regular expressions, just string splitting. Specifically, I want to look at AJAX request URLs and split them so that domain, path, filename and arguments are split so that (for example) I could facet by the filename or the path. A regexp would work, but it’s a lot more complex than, for example, splitting by / and using the first, last, etc., elements.