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Feature request to enable two factor auth



With so many sites getting compromised it is important to keep your logins to various sites/services as secure as possible.

One great way of doing this is by using two factor authentication so that not only do you need your username/password to login but you also need a security code that can be gotten from either a software token on your smartphone or an SMS.

You are likely aware of Google Authenticator which offers this service and is used as a software token by many providers including evernote, dropbox and github (and of course, not to forget google themselves).

I feel it would be great if you could add two factor auth (2fa) for New Relic accounts in order to help keep the data even more secure.


Mark R


Hey @railto,
I’ve submitted a feature request on your behalf for this. Thanks for showing your interest!


Seconding the request for 2FA; Authy integration would be delicious!


Thank you @grayfox! I am sending your feature request off to our product management team as well. :slight_smile:


Lok’Tar! May you prosper in health for 100 years!.. Thank you (I’ve been playing too much Warcraft).


I recently picked up World of Warcraft again with the new expansion. Never did get into Warcraft itself - I like the multiplayer aspect too much. Hard to step out of that universe sometimes, something about dragon riding…

May you also prosper in health for 100 years. Or more! :slight_smile:


I’d love to see 2FA support as well!


I’d also like to see this feature


Large customer, with…‘unconventional’ security needs, ISO 2FA.

Discreet. Clean.

Please advise on delivery.


@denny @Trevor_Dearham @ross_x_mohan—I hear you loud and clear! Sending your requests off to my product managers as a feature request now! Thanks for letting me know you’re interested! :thumbsup:


+1 for this! :+1:

Two-Factor auth is becoming a must for many of us, secure passwords just don’t cut it (no matter how secure, if the attacker steals the password, they’re in).

We were actually surprised that NewRelic didn’t already have support for 2FA, seeing as though a lot of simple services now offer it in some form (even just an email with a one-time code).

A little bit extra to add to the original feature request, Two-Factor is best implemented with a number of user-selectable 2FA options (see how Google do it for a good idea).

Suggested options:

  • Time-based OTP (can add to Google Authenticator, Authy, or similar)
  • Email OTP (a one-time code send by email)
  • SMS OTP (a one-time code sent by SMS)
    - FIDO U2F (using a FIDO U2F hardware security device, such as a YubiKey, for two-factor authentication)
  • Backup codes (printed/stored one-use codes for situations when an OTP or U2F key is unavailable)

My favorite by far from this list is FIDO U2F - We’re rolling out YubiKeys to all of our team, just like Google & Facebook have, It’d be great to have 2FA for NewRelic at the touch of my key!

Thanks! :smile:


Awesome suggestions, @Danw33! Thank you for adding your voice to this feature request thread! I will make sure and pass your input along to my product managers! This kind of info is super helpful—thanks again!


Is this still not live?


If you need 2FA today, you can delegate the authentication to a SAML SSO provider (Okta, OneLogin, …) and enable 2FA there.


@Linds - so, is this feature live? I can’t find a way to enable MFA/2FA and it seems that even after more then 2 years this is still not done. I would like to emphsize that this is not a nice to have feature anymore, as it might have been some years ago. Any web based tech must have MFA/2FA and it could be a deal breaker in many situations!


It would be great if you could comment on this issue, thanks!


Guys. Let’s get this done. I will be asking for this every phone call now.


Hey +1 for 2fa. Lets do this! Also a way to enforce on account level.


+1 2FA, make it happen New Relic! Specifically looking for time based OTP to use with authenticator apps.


Really looking forward for New Relic’s implementation of 2FA. We would be happy with Google Authenticator support.