Fetch & Export Apdex per application using NRQL

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We need to fetch the Apdex value, per application using NRQL and export the value of the same. The problem that I face with my current query is that it does not list all the applications in the output. In addition to that the Apdex score for the listed applications shows as 1.0 which ideally shouldn’t happen. When I view the data in the APM, I see an Apdex of <1 for each of the listed applications.

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SELECT apdex(duration, t:0.5) from Transaction FACET appName since 4 weeks ago.
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Hi @siddhant.agarwal - You are probably not gathering enough records, try adding LIMIT 2000 to the end of your query.

It worked. But can you explain a little more how adding LIMIT 2000 helped. Won’t the query look at all the available records by default based on the time defined in the query ?

The documentation specifies how the data is queried if you do not add the LIMIT clause

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