Fetch the drilled down filter attribute along with value

I want to get the drilled down applied on facet the attribute name and value using newrelic querries.
Please help me soon.

@mmeshram You’ve been waiting a while to get a response to your issue. I’m going to tag a few of our experts in this area to see if they can help: @philweber / @6MM / @RyanVeitch


Hey @mmeshram I’m not sure I understand your question.

Can you detail exactly what results you are looking for? And from what dataset? (Browser events PageView, APM Transaction, etc…)


I’m reading the question as a query which is faceted by an attribute and used those faceted items to filter the other queries on the dashboard.


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Hi @mmeshram Following up on this one to see if you are still needing assistance. Looks like @RyanVeitch and @stefan_garnham are willing to help.