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Fewer detail rows than Aggregate counts


In Insights I use the following query:

SELECT count(*) FROM PageView WHERE pageUrl like ‘%myurl%’ since this quarter facet websiteID

I get 10 results rows back. One particular row shows a Page Views count of 14.1k

When I change the query in order to see the details of those page views to:

SELECT * FROM PageView WHERE pageUrl like %myurl%’ and websiteID = ‘mywebsite’ since this quarter

I only get 10 results rows … both on-screen and in the CSV export file.

Clearly 10 < 14.1k

I have tried various changes to the second query to try to get more results (like changing date range, adding/removing websiteId, etc) but never get any rows with a timestamp earlier than March 15 … so today’s date.

I don’t really need to see all 73 days worth of data in this quarter, but I would like at least a week or months worth.

Is there a way I can do that?


Hi, @karla.wakefield: By default, Insights returns 10 results per query. You may increase this limit up to 1000 by adding a LIMIT clause:

WHERE pageUrl LIKE %myurl%’ AND websiteID = ‘mywebsite’ 
SINCE this quarter
LIMIT 1000

You will not be able to see all 14K page views in a single query, but you can choose smaller time windows to see up to 1000 at a time.


Thanks Phil!! I’ll give that a try. I’m sure 1000 rows will tell me what I need to know.