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Fill Out Your Profile and Win Prizes



Word of the day: Autobiographer

Around here, the Autobiographer badge is one of the most prestigious of all community awards. If you sport an Autobiographer badge, we know (and everyone else knows) that you took the time to carefully fill out your profile. We want all our Explorers to feel like this is a space for all. In order to make this community feel a bit more like home: be somebody! Read on to learn about the types of things proper Autobiographers do.

Profile Picture / Avatar

We don’t want to squash anonymity if it’s important to you, but having a picture attached to your name and content not only makes you easier to find, but allows your fellow Explorers to put a sense of who you are behind the keyboard.

About Me

Tell us a bit about who you are as a person, at work, or whatever else you feel like sharing. We here on the community team are particularly interested to know if you have any pets.

Job Title

Sharing your job title might help us all get a sense of what kind of purpose you use New Relic for specifically and could be an indicator of what topics are best to share with you. PLUS, it’s easier to meet people who do similar jobs to you if you share your title with us!

New Relic Specialties

I think I speak for everyone when I say: knowing what you specialize in when it comes to the New Relic platform is extremely helpful! Not only can others call on you, but you can learn from other product specialists.


Let’s get social! We would love to see you around on other sites like Twitter, GitHub and Stack Overflow!

Contest Rules

This month we want to reward you for filling out your profile and increasing that sense of community in our Explorers Hub.

It’s super simple:
Fill out something on your profile get a Nerd Life sticker, fill out two things get a nerd life sticker AND a notebook, fill out three or more things get a nerd life sticker, a notebook AND a charger or t-shirt :blush: .

Click here to update your profile now!

Go get 'em future Autobiographers!


Wow! Ya’ll really embraced the challenge. More than 60 of you went in and updated your profiles already! Thank you to everyone who made their profile, and the community, more valuable! Check out and congratulate all these autobiographers:

@kamau, @pvanrun, @sourabh, @thestig, @genelev, @francisco.dias, @dave.rix, @blake.baker, @monitoringLife, @aweddle, @nathan2, @gid, @nick.ramos, @nsinisterra, @Minh, @durva.rathi, @james.orourke, @nicolasrosa888, @netheroth, @adrien.becchis, @zackkitzmiller, @twhid,, @vikram.pichumani, @mburni, @smoya, @org.letter01, @rknotts, @dave.walton, @mrocca, @danni, @felipe.Rodrigues, @it18, @slar, @Hodson, @starcmarcus, @mjackman, @Nemo, @scunliffe, @andrew.ko, @dpovey, @psimkins, @fabian.bracco, @gerardo, @Pegasus-Consultancy, @b7crown, @tboyd, @joseph.yi, @KCS, @djones, @mperumal, @romesh.chand, @stefan_garnham, @thaismartins, @amazzarellafaria, @christopher.mattox, @jkinsey, @iandexter, @artfulhacker, @gilson.missawa, @shayne


Welcome Guys! Im new to this Im hoping to learn from everyone on this platform about NR.


Another day, another amazing batch of profile updates! We had another 60+ people update their profiles since yesterday. Good job to all our autobiographers:

@dkotvan, @josh.b, @manishhacks3, @Tim.Carter, @idees, @Wang, @gfunes, @logic, @jareilly, @jgimpelman, @alfonsos, @alvincrespo, @jassmith, @samuel.tillman, @jtench, @djparslow, @maor.cohen, @durva.rathi, @Jagdish.Parikh, @chris.erskine, @zackm, @mrxinu, @gabriel.tabares, @sunil.chugh, @amalyox, @nicolas.waisman, @twittinger, @Adrian.Stewart, @dmorris, @tallship, @krenek, @kannan_srinivasan, @zachswan1, @adam1, @thomas.spillecke, @Dean.Heffentrager, @wintermute, @timo_zimmermann, @oleksii.kalentiev, @fvannasaeng, @dstubkjaer, @bkayser, @jmaier, @ryanspiffy, @jacobpretorius, @jaffinito, @ehtasham.sajid, @Stickx, @ndaveiga, @supmeh, @cyril, @Splintor, @david_w, @parrott, @edisoncastro, @Rhys, @hspecht, @riffraff, @pknudsen, @Johannes.Hartmann2


And… you keep the profile updates rolling in! It’s been so much fun to see more faces where the boring circle letters used to be. Many thanks to these folks who are also helping us make the community more friendly:

@jorgeautogravity @nicolas-ifg @sbenitez @benw @Jored06386896700 @b5a7 @ellisio @alialavii1365 @ddarwin @alastair_battrick @shsnetworkadmin @vipsood @mrme @darryl42 @ManfredRP @ekubrakov @dperovich


annnnnnnnd… One more update! Here are the last of our autobiographers:

@karanpreet.singh @josue.tello @msprinsky @eberg1 @rjacobs @andrew.nease @roger.raymond @acoelho @sbeagin @jasonalex @shawj1 @Mike.G @kgfrancis @scottdc @lowmanjb @thestig @harrykimpel @dharris @Brett.DiFrischia @leslie.chau1 @jtrull @pberry @alexander.atallah @daveheller402 @fred2

Thanks to everyone who took the time to make the community more meaningful by sharing more about yourself. Be on the lookout for an email next week regarding any swag that we owe you!


My cell charger is not working :frowning:


OH NO! I can send you another one if you like OR we have size L t-shirts left. Let me know which you would prefer. Sorry @monitoringLife


Another one is fine if any are left. :smiley:


We do have one! I tested it and it definitely worked, though I will admit it’s not fast… Popping it in the mail today.


Same here. My “Jive Power Bank” has been charging for 2 days and the light is still red. It doesn’t provide any charge if I hook it up to my phone.


Shoot. I still have a handful so I’ll get one out for you @pvanrun - thanks for reporting.


Got it and it works perfect. Thanks!


Hi @pvanrun - confirming that I found one AND I charged it, so I feel confident that it works. It’s heading your way today.


I received it and this one works, thanks!


Hooray! :confetti_ball: Happy charging of all your devices!