Filter by log name

I just set up NR Logs, and while I love the search, I’m unable to see where I can filter by log name.

Example, in my config I have:

  • name: “laravel_log”
    file: /var/www/html/storage/logs/laravel.log

How can I filter to just see entries from the log named ‘laravel_log’?

Also, is there a way to name the hosts instead of by ip?

I’m integrated using the NR Agent

Hi Shane,

I think you’re looking to add a custom attribute. The best example I’ve seen is here. You could then search your logs by that attribute (e.g. department: sales from the github example).

Hope that help?

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Yeah, I can do that, just thought it would be obvious to use the ‘name’. What’s the purpose of specifying a log name if it’s not used anywhere?

Fair point @shane7! I suspect product teams do have a reason (maybe you know @julian4?) , but I am glad to hear that you got the functionality you needed in the meantime.