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Filter out specific transactions



My dashboard works great as it is, but I need to be able to also see it without certain transactions. For instance, we have some transactions like /processes/build_pdf, and others like /admin/profile. Neither of those are our front-end visitors. I need to be able to view recent page-load times and error rates for just our front-end users, but to do so, would need to filter out those transactions. How can I do that?


Hi, @dave9: I assume you are talking about an Insights dashboard, correct? You may exclude transactions in the NRQL queries behind each widget, for example:

SELECT average(duration) FROM PageView WHERE pageUrl NOT LIKE ('%/admin/profile') 

I do not know of any way to filter out transactions without modifying the NRQL queries.


same problem… not been able to load pages


okay…////// same here


@philweber Insights is only helpful if I can add alerts specific to insights queries (which I can’t find). I’d like (for instance), to set alerts for Apdex score. The front-end should be something like under 2 seconds, and the back should be under 4 seconds (example). Setting a single score and a single alert doesn’t help. Maybe I’m missing another way to do this?


I think it would be helpful to cover a few points for clarification.

Apdex can apply to an application or transaction.

If an application has both front end and back end transactions and you need to measure these differently there may be a need to group them in some way.

NR gives many options to manage the diversity of applications that can be built by humans. If you wanted to “tune” the transactions that are shown in NR you can rename them with code, exclude them with code, selectively name and exclude, add etc.

If you wan to create an apdex live measurement with a collection of transactions (name) you can do that with NRLQ code.

Can you expand on this a little? I’m not entirely clear on how you probably mean this and would like to help.


While I can pull useful, grouped/filtered data using Insights, I’m not aware of a way to setup things like apdex alerts using it’s filtered data. The goal is to setup useful alerts for my system. But when all the data is combined into a single area (APM), the Apdex score I can use for my alerts is less than helpful.


Within alerts you can set up NRQL alerts. In many cases if you can write an NRQL statement for the metrics you can alert on it. Not all cases, but many cases.

I personally do not find application level Apdex to be valuable. I generally do not use apdex. There are too many factors involved to make them useful out of the box.


Wonderful! I didn’t see that, but will look harder now.


@dave9 Let us know how you get on with NRQL Alerts :slight_smile: