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Filterable_errors in Error Analytics



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Getting this message after tying to get more details about the error message so I can relay that information to our developers.

Failed to load this error trace.

This may be a temporary failure. Please contact support if the failure persists.

Also, how many days of data is being saved? Am I correct in assuming it only goes back 7 days?




I’m happy to help shed some light on this!

Trace data is saved for up to 7 days depending on subscription level, unless a trace is clicked on and viewed in the UI, and then it gets saved for up to one year.

Regarding the error you’re experiencing: these will sometimes show up because a “ghost” trace that is technically older than the 7-day mark has been clicked. In this situation the trace itself has been purged, but the metadata didn’t quite purge in sync, so it still shows up in the UI for another day or so.

Let me know if that answers your question/was helpful!