Filtering dashboard change

When applying a filter to a dashboard based on an attribute, it used to remove data that was not applicable to the filter. It now seems to highlight the rows in tables which are applicable to the filter instead which is not a user friendly to read, especially when there are tables with a large amount of rows.

Was this a recent feature release?

Hi @stefan_garnham,

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Can you provide a link to the dashboard you are seeing this issue, this can give us a little more context to visually see whats happening.

I have also reached out to the dashboard, as I may need to loop them in but without a link to the dashboard they wont be able to confirm much.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Oops, the dashboard link would be helpful :slight_smile:

Hi @stefan_garnham thanks for that link! I just went ahead and tried to recreate the issue that you were explaining in the first post and I’m not sure if I’m having the same issue as you are. I’m wondering if you can tell us exactly what filter you used to see this and also what you set the timepicker to in the upper right hand side of the dashboard UI page.


Ah, there is no longer data being ingested to support the dashboard. Try opening the link I provided then setting the time picker to 1 month.

This is not a new behavior: what is happening behind the scenes is that these tables are configured to use the facet linking functionality (which is located in the widget actions of your table > edit > Facet Linking - Filter the current dashboard )

This configuration allows you to apply filters in your dashboard by clicking on the cells of a table. As in your link, the data of this kind of table won’t be filtered but highlighted because you are applying a filter of one of their cells.

To recover the functionality of filtering data instead of highlighting, disable the Filter the current dashboard switch for this table. I hope this helps!

Thank you for the explanation. I was sure the filter current dashboard used to remove the data previously.

Hi @stefan_garnham

Glad to hear that @sduvall was able to clear things up!

If you have any other questions or updates, please reach out!