Find performance bottlenecks and understand your Java application CPU usage with Pixie’s continuous application profiling


  1. Understand where your Java application is spending its CPU time and why CPU utilization increased with your new release.

  2. Use continuously in production with a minimally-invasive, ultra low overhead (< 0.1%) profiler.

  3. Avoid downtime with no need to re-deploy your application.

  4. Get full system visibility, including for both Java and all other running applications.

Pixie’s continuous profiler also supports Go, C++, and Rust.

Get started

  1. Deploy Pixie in your cluster(s).

  2. In the New Relic UI, select a pod listed in the Kubernetes cluster explorer view to see the pod details view.

  3. From the pod details view, select the Check flamegraph in Pixie option.

Learn more about exploring Pixie data in New Relic or check out Pixie’s continuous profiling docs page, including a deep-dive video.