Find unused endpoints

Hello, can I get a proper list to check for unused endpoints? When I checked the transaction table, the list was inconsistent because we found it constantly changing. Do you know a convenient way to do this?


Hi, @yigit.kurtcu: If the endpoints are never called, how will New Relic know about them? It is like asking your phone for a list of people who have never called you. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been looking through the transaction table to find the unused ones, but when I later searched for the same dates, I couldn’t see an endpoint that I had seen before. Actually, my question is, how reliable is the data in the transaction table, and does the data change due to something like sampling?

If an endpoint appears in APM transaction data, then it is not unused; the fact that it appears there means that it was called.

APM data is dropped after a configurable retention period; the default is 8 days. It is possible you are not seeing old data because it has aged out. New Relic also has a maximum number of events that may be reported per harvest cycle; if your application sends more than this maximum, the agent will sample events. More information here: Event limits and sampling for APM and mobile monitoring | New Relic Documentation.

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