First Contentful Paint is too high

Hi, I have observed lot of Page Views with too high ‘First Contentful Paint’ metrics. Would like to know about it, is it a bug or we are missing something?

My query is like “SELECT * FROM PageViewTiming WHERE appName = ‘app_name’ AND pageUrl =‘url’”

Hi @rahul3 -

If I understand your question correctly, you are looking to define “First Contentful Paint” to understand what that attribute is measuring. If that’s right, you can find that information in our documentation here:

Let me know if that did not answer your question.

I think @rahul3’s question is, how can firstContentfulPaint (and firstPaint) take over 622000 seconds? :slight_smile:

No, I am wondering how “First Contetntful Paint” can be 622981 seconds. It doesn’t seem real. So I wanted to know is it bug or something else ?

This is a very important issue for us. How is possible that the FirstContentfulPaint is taking more than 7 days!!! (622981 seconds). This has to be wrong.

@rahul3 Thanks for the message here. FirstContentfulPaint metric is only released for certain browsers, and if using Windows as the user Agent OS, can you confirm the browser?

Supported browser versions:

  • Chrome 60 or higher for desktop and mobile (Android webview and Chrome for Android)
  • Opera 47 or higher for desktop
  • Opera 44 or higher for Android mobile
  • Samsung Internet for mobile

Hopefully that helps and thank you in advance,

Mostly the browser is Chrome… Do you see any possibility in any case first contentful paint can be that much high(622981 seconds)? It seems a bug in recording it… That is very important issue for us… Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @rahul3, I’d be interested to see if there is more to you’re query as I’m inclined to believe that the result for First Contentful Paint is incorrect as the value is shown as 622981.35, however, first contentful paint will always be rounded down to the nearest second so there should be no decimal value here.

My point is also same “First Contentful Paint is incorrect”. It is too high, sometimes in days. It is hard for us to rely on this. How can I help you for more details?