First notice: Limiting access to New Relic plugins

What is happening
New Relic is limiting access to the plugins feature moving forward, in favor of our Infrastructure SDK and On-host integrations [link]. Beginning on December 2nd, 2020, plugin access will be limited to accounts who have accessed a plugin in the past 30 days. We will provide access to add plugins on a per-account basis. If you’d like to continue to use plugins for your accounts, please contact your New Relic account team and we will work with you on a per-account situation.

We will fully “end of life” the plugin experience in June 2021. We will provide more details in the early next year.

New Relic plugins provided a way to collect a few simple metrics for any technology you could monitor. This solution is now being retired in favor of our more flexible Infrastructure SDK, and with our support of third-party monitoring via our data ingest platform and APIs. If you’d like to build or contribute instrumentation we encourage you to do this via the New Relic open source community.

Beginning on December 2nd, 2020, the options to navigate to the plugins UI page will be removed from your New Relic account. We will fully “end of life” the plugin experience in June 2021. We will provide more details in the coming months.


Who do I contact if I need access to a plugin running on my account?

  • Contact your New Relic account team. We can help you get access to the plugins experience in June 2021. At that time we will begin the end of life process and no longer support plugins moving forward.

What if I want to build a new data collector/plugin?

  • We recommend doing this in the New Relic open source community. We will be working with publishers of existing plugins to migrate their repos to the open source community.

I liked the custom dashboards linked to my plugin. How should I view this data moving forward?

  • New Relic Dashboards are a better alternative. The event-based data provides more flexibility when it comes to searching and filtering the data that is captured via a plugin.

We have an existing plugin in the marketplace. Can you point me in the direction for resources regarding migrating to integrations and what is involved in publishing an integration?

Hi @franklin.yamamoto, if you want to learn more about integrations, you can read through this documentation index to find out everything you need to know.

If you are specifically interested in publishing a new integration, the following page includes instructions for how to create and publish custom integrations:
New Relic Flex: Build your own integration.

Hello, as NewRelic Plugins is going away I was looking at switching to using Infrastructure instead, but it seems my plan (Startup) does not have this working, it was working for a while (at the beginning of the year) and then got turned off at some point (now receiving only HTTP 403, and had my syslog fill up completely with error messages from the agent).

So essentially something I had does not have a replacement I can use without switching to a different plan, and I’ve been trying to get someone from sales to suggest how I can update my plan (for 2 weeks) without a single response (as the GUI says I’m on a “special” plan and must speak to my sales team).

The support experience with the move to this forum is truly terrible, please bring back a normal e-mail or ticket based system so we can have have private discussions. I’m seriously considering switching to a competing product at this point.

Hi Eric,
Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble connecting with someone from New Relic Sales! I’m reaching out internally to get someone to contact you directly. I’ll keep you posted as I get the right person engaged. Thanks for your patience and I apologize that this has been so frustrating!

I’ll be back in touch soon…