[FIXED] "Server Not Reporting" error, despite metrics being displayed correctly

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# dpkg -l | grep newrelic
ii newrelic-daemon amd64 The New Relic proxy daemon
ii newrelic-php5 amd64 The New Relic agent for PHP
ii newrelic-php5-common all Scripts and samples for the New Relic PHP agent
ii newrelic-sysmond amd64 The New Relic agent for server monitoring

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Our servers metrics are being shown as erroring - with “Server Not Reporting” error even thought there seem not to be any discontinuity for any of the metrics (CPU Usage, Load Average, Physical Memory, etc.)

The issue started manifesting itself in November.

Hello @marius.orcsik

Thanks for including those permalinks to your account – they really helped me to quickly zoom in to the problem.

It looks like you opted out of legacy alerting quite some time ago, but your legacy policies were never disabled as they should have been as part of the opt-out process. I have gone ahead and disabled those old legacy alerting policies, and the two servers on your account are no longer showing as being in alert state.

I hope this helps!

Thank you very much @Fidelicatessen.

Everything is fine now.

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