Followup questions from Synthetics Webinar 10-27-15

Here are some followup questions that we didn’t get a chance to answer during the Oct 27th webinar on Synthetics.

  • Can you force a rerun for a failed script faster than the frequency you have set for the monitor?
  • When a failure is detected, Synthetics automatically retries the request two additional times immediately. Once three failures has been detected in a row, the monitor is marked as failing and a notification is generated.
  • Are the ping synthetic monitors just looking for a HTTP 200 return code to indicate a “successful” run?
  • Yes. If you have the optional validation string configured, Synthetics will also confirm the expected string is found in the response.
  • Does the scripted browser validation button count against synthetics usage?
  • No
  • Can you speak to how to gain insight (pun intended) into the time it takes to perform a single step in a script, e.g. generating search results.
  • You can set up Synthetics to record times between parts of the script execution although it is very important to note you are timing actions between the script itself, not the actual time taken by the web browser to complete the action in question. For more information please see the response from Ivan in Recording time for part of a Synthetic Script - times do not matching up in Insights
  • Can you configure the webdriver to simulate running on a mobile device for responsive websites?
  • Yes, you can simulate it by setting the User agent to a mobile agent and the screen size to an appropriate resolution. This is still just chrome passing the user agent and screen size but it should display your responsive site.
  • In keynote we can configure number of users for load testing so, how can we configure in synthetics ?
  • No, Synthetics has not been designed as a load testing platform.
  • Does the Synthetics browser support flash?
  • Yes
  • Is waitForAndFindElement a feature that New Relic implemented as a wrapper to selenium?
  • Yes
  • Will Synthetics work with single page apps written in Angular.js?
  • Yes
  • What language is this script being written in?
  • Node.js

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