Followup to Request #434955


I’d like to followup on Request #434955. Unfortunately I didn’t receive updates via email so I didn’t realise the topic has been closed.

In the previous ticket you state that one of the payments (Visa) failed, but it has been charged on our account. Can you please check on your account if the payment did go through in reality?

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Hi there @andrzej.figas - I can get a new Request going for you so that you can connect with that team. Please be on the lookout for an email!

Hello. Sorry @hross, but the billing team did not understand my question. I wasn’t asking about the recent payment. Last year (October) we were charged twice for an invoice. Your systems say one payment failed, one was successful. Our bank statement says both were successful. This is why I asked you to check in your payment system, not in your billing system, because most likely you did receive the money twice. Thanks for your help.

Hi @andrzej.figas, sorry to hear about that, it sounds quite frustrating. I have opened a new request with our billing team to follow up. We can’t address these billing issues directly on a public forum so it is best to leave it with them.

Hi, can someone please followup here? Support ticket has been created but it’s already closed without any reply.

Hi @andrzej.figas, I apologise for all of the back and forth. I’m not sure why the ticket was closed out but I have created a new one and followed up directly with our internal team to make sure your issue is seen to ASAP.

Guys, you must be kidding me. The ticket has been closed again without a reply.

@andrzej.figas Sorry you are having a poor experience. I have reached out to the team and they informed me that the ticket was closed because they are going to contact you directly and connect you with accounts receivable. When tickets reach this stage they are usually closed since those teams do not work in that system.

Hello, unfortunately no one from the accounts team reach out to me. Can I please get a followup?