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For APM Response Time alerts, add additional metrics (95%, 99%, median) beyond just 'average'



We would really love the ability to create APM Response Time alerts based on the 95% or 99% percentile metric. Right now, we can only create alerts using the ‘average’ metric.

This would really be helpful as we just discovered a performance issue that only appeared when looking at the 95% and 99% percentile and was not apparent when only looking at the average.

All of these metrics are already collected and exposed in APM, so hopefully it wouldn’t be much work to expose them on the Alerts side as well.



Hi, @chrisw3: This feature already exists:


Hi Phil,

Sorry for the confusion, but we’d like this option for the ‘Key transaction metrics’ type. The ‘Web transactions percentiles’ appears to apply to the entire app only.



Ah, understood. You may be able to do that with a NRQL alert condition:

SELECT percentile(duration, 99) 
FROM Transaction 
WHERE appName = 'My Application' 
  AND name = 'Transaction Name'


Hey Phil,

Great idea on the NRSQL! That worked!

Many thanks,