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Forum issues with Chrome


I would like to note a few issues on the forum when using Chrome 64.0.3282.186.

When posting a reply to a topic an error is shown but the post is submitted correctly.

When clicking the banner page navigates to but none of the topics, new posts, unread, etc are displayed


Same here. Selecting the banner gets rid of all posts for me. Using Mozilla Firefox Version 59.0.2 (64 bit).


Hey you two!

You are correct. TIL that I have to add a forward slash after the URL if I want all the categories to appear! I just updated so that issues should be addressed. Tested fine for me.

@stefan_garnham - if you could get me a screenshot of your error, that would be great. I could not replicate in Chrome myself.



I will see if I can replicate it.


It seems that it is only under certain circumstances :confused:


I know what you mean, @stefan_garnham - I have been hunting down the specifics with a few bugs and it’s hard to know the exact circumstances all the time.

This is still on our radar so if you, @Evdog or anyone else see this pop up, please be sure to post errors and screenshots in this thread—thanks!


Are there any theme options that let me hide the banner?


Not right now, @bradleyayers! It is nice to know that you want to, though! We haven’t heard this feedback yet, but we worried a bit about having that banner on every page, all the time, too. Would you like to be able to hide it? Or would only having it on the home page be enough?


I’d love it to just be on the home page, I found that it being on every page was a bit distracting.


I hear you, @bradleyayers! Thank you so much for the helpful input! I can’t make any immediate changes, but this kind of feedback definitely helps when we are ready to make changes. Appreciate you chiming in!

For now, I guess just go in your JS console in your browser and delete the banner element. :joy: (I am kidding… sorta.)


I have not been able to replicate the error on posting since I mentioned it. Any patches applied?


Found out that a patch has been applied, to my Chrome version. Now on 65.0.3325.181 so it could have been a browser issue.


Thanks for the follow up @stefan_garnham. Let us know if you see it again!