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Forum profile email address change



How can I change my forum email address? I changed it in NR and now it asks me to create new profile on forum.
On my preferences page preferences page email is not allowed to be changed.


Hi there @lipek - unfortunately, we can’t just update your email address here because it is directly tied to your NR account. If you will not be using this email address anymore, I can help you transfer posts etc. to your new account, but your user stats will start from scratch. Sorry that this isn’t easier.


Hi @hross
thank you for your answer. If i change email address in my NR account will it be changed here also?


In theory, @lipek, that should work. In practice, no. Discuss will think that the new email address should be a new account, even though the NR side gets it. We’re trying to do SSO work now, but I can’t guarantee we’re going to crack this nut anytime soon. It may be best for us to just go ahead and set you up on the email address if you need to use that, and transfer posts etc. over to you.


@hross actually It’s username i’d like to keep :slight_smile:
I will use two NR accounts then: one for NR itself (with new email) and one for Discuss (with this email). Maybe some day there will be possibility to change email on Discuss and/or link Discuss account with different NR account.


Agreed! Sorry this is such a problem at the moment!


@hross Is this still the case now? I’ve just change the email address on my NR account, and it’s unlinked it from my forum account.


Hey @AdamSocs1 - Here’s my understanding of how it works. If you change your NR account email address, you may still log in to the community with your old credentials. HOWEVER, there is no easy way to simply update the email address on your Community account. I have to work some backend migration wizardry. This is due to the limited options we have for SSO setup between New Relic and our community site.

That’s been our experience SO FAR, but things change - so let me know if you are seeing something different. AND - do you need me to update something in the community for you?


here is my understanding:
First time you use forum (you have to be logged in to new relic) it creates forum account for you using email associated with your new relic account. From that point those accounts are quite separate. Except that forum is checking if you are logged in to NR and with which email address. That’s why, if you change email address in NR, forum can’t find it’s account with this new email address and asks you to create new forum account.
However, if you log in to new relic with your old email address and then go to forum you will have your old login - that is what I am doing every time I want to use forum. I logout from my regular NR account and log in with different email just to use forum with.
Hope that helps


You don’t really have an “Old” set of credentials when you update your email address :stuck_out_tongue: Changing my email prompted me to create a new forum account, and thus I live as AdamSocs1 instead of AdamSocs.

Is it possible to swap the emails on AdamSocs and AdamSocs1 around? (Additional verification via PM’s can be done, if required)


I have a fix in mind for you Adam. Look out for a DM.


@hross If you will have a way to change email address associated with discuss account I am interested in it too :slight_smile: