Forward your logs with the infrastructure-agent in ARM

You can forward your logs using the infrastructure-agent and the logging output plugging in ARM architecture.

While we work to simplify the installation and setup process, here are the steps needed:
After installing the infrastructure agent check that td-agent-bit has been installed, if not the case, then check the installation steps provided by fluent-bit.

Download the newrelic fluent-bit output pluging:
$ sudo mkdir /var/db/newrelic-infra/newrelic-integrations/logging && sudo wget -O /var/db/newrelic-infra/newrelic-integrations/logging/

Download the logging parsers config
$ sudo wget -O /var/db/newrelic-infra/newrelic-integrations/logging/parsers.conf

Logs configuration files should be located in a specific folder for the infrastructure agent to use it, so lets create that first:
$ sudo mkdir /etc/newrelic-infra/logging.d

Next you can allocate there all the configuration .yml files to forward your logs. If you are not sure how, don’t you worry, here we have a plenty of examples for you to start.

Final step is to restart the agent:
$ sudo systemctl restart newrelic-infra

And that’s all! You should see logs in your New Relic account.

We plan to integrate the output plugging in the infrastructure agent soon, so stay tuned for updates!!
You can learn more about Log Forwarder from the technical documentation.