Forwarding AWS EC2 system log to New Relic

I install NewRelic Aws infrastructure agent, but I can not see ec2 systemlogs in NewRelic.
Do I need to do some additional configuration?

Hi @cchokshi, You’ll have to follow this documentation to forward your logs to New Relic using our infrastructure agent-

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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As poc …I did added following in /etc/newrelic-infra/loggig.d/poc.yml


  • name: “messages”
    file: /var/log/messages

Now in query "SELECT * from Log " what should I expect to see and verify that logs are getting forwarded?

Hey @cchokshi, You should have a file with some messages/content in the path /var/log/messages. You should see the contents of that file in message attribute when you query.