Free Tier 100GB Limit No Longer Resets?


Please can you clarify how the 100GB free tier is supposed to work. My account hit the 100GB limit in late April however almost a month later there has been no ingest data displayed. The dashboard is showing 0% usage for May. In previous months if the account hit the 100GB cap then ingest data would begin displaying again at the start of the next month when the 100GB free tier cap was reset. Is this no longer the case?

After checking the daemon log file I can see lots of “connect attempt returned unexpected collector HTTP status code: 402”. After searching your support page it looks like I am having the same issue as the user here:

Hey there @robert23,

I hope you are well, welcome to the community!

I have created a case with our billing team on your behalf. After looking over your account it definitely seems there is a discrepancy somewhere that our billing team can help assist with. They will reach out via email shortly.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist with, we are always happy to help. I hope you have a great day!