Free tier account usage

HI Team,

We are using the free tier account on new relic for the past three years. We had 5 Full users for more than 6 months though they are unused. But we haven’t charged for them then. We have downgraded them to Basic user now and we haven’t received any email notifications on exceeded storage limit.

It currently shows the below message “You’re over the monthly free allowance of 100 GB. Please add your credit card. You’re only charged if you go over your free allowance each month” and doesn’t allows us to proceed further. We have requested the 7 days access for now.

Can you please assist us on the below queries?

  1. How can we reduce the data storage ?(It doesn’t seems to be allowing to update the retention period from free tier account)
  2. Is it possible to continue using the Free tier account after the 7 days? (or) Will this storage limit reset at the start of next month?
  3. Do we get charged for this 7 days extension?


@dalink Thanks for providing a detailed account of your issue. I’m going to ask our customer advocate team to assist you further on this. They will be in contact soon via email.

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What was the response to this question please? I have exactly the same question. Thanks in advance.

Hi @newrelic541

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

I will likely need to loop on the customer advocate team here. However I will need some more context before I can confirm this.

What exactly is the question you have, what are you trying to achieve and what blockers are preventing this from happening.

Looking forward to hearing from you!