Friday Badge Shout-Outs - February 21, 2020

Hi Explorers,

It has been a nice week for earning those badges! There were even some new badges that showed up on the list. As a reminder you can earn badges by doing a variety of activities including responding to fellow Explorers’ questions, posting topics of your own and marking “solved” once your questions have been answered. Here is a helpful list of all the badges that are available:

autobiographer%20badge Autobiographer
Special recognition for the newest Explorers who filled out their profile information. Thank you! :smile:


ScholarBadgeForEmail Local Scholar

@Peter.Benis @sx410b @demonewrelic @Drew.Watson @marc.netterfield @samrat.basra1 @peter.zujko @srinivasa.a @polo.boltes

ProfessorBadge Local Professor


AdmiredForVoting1 Local Admired

@amin.shaikh1007 @marc.netterfield @kathleen.vincent @sai.annavajjula @jdweiner @rheilman @payam.azadi1 @brunof @jacoBeastman @aaron.wolfe1 @nr.neomm @mihai.zamfirescu @rajesh.nandakumar @ryan.bennett @abdallah.d @Ben.Buytaert @guilherme.castro1 @Matheus.Baroni @sharmamayuri98 @guilhermecastros @aschaible @Mohd.Salman2 @wkiNewRelic

GlobalAdmiredBadge Global Admired

@jacoBeastman @jdweiner

GlobalAuthorBadgeforEmail Global Author


GlobalScholarBadgeForEmail Global Scholar

@Bharath.Veeravalli @amit.saxena

GlobalSoverBadge Global Solver


FirstLinkBadge Local Link

@srinu.korrapati @stefan_garnham @niklas2

PopularLinkBadge Global Link
WOW, over 250 clicks on a link shared by these two Explorers! :clap::clap:t5:

@cory.putnam @minal_brahmbhatt