Friday Badge Shout-Outs - February 28, 2020

Hi Explorers,

Wrapping up the month of February with these badge shoutouts. The community has definitely been busy this week helping each other out! :smile:

Here is a helpful list of all the badges that are available:

autobiographer%20badge Autobiographer
Thank you for filling out your profile! :clap::clap:t5:


ScholarBadgeForEmail Local Scholar

@dvinson1 @sx410b @Ronald_Skowron @kushagra_agarwal @vasili.molakhau @StathisKoutsogeorgos @demonewrelic @tj15

AuthorBadgeforVoting2 Local Author


ProfessorBadge Local Professor

@travis.redfield @jake.klein

AdmiredForVoting1 Local Admired

@StathisKoutsogeorgos @jlimka @tejesh014 @tejesh014 @tomfotherby @davidw1 @Federico.Galarza @ggiunta @drahmonov @sneti @kitty @caleb.chenoweth

enthusiast_1 Local Enthusiast


GlobalAdmiredBadge Global Admired

@wkiNewRelic @brunof @haluk @jlimka

GlobalAuthorBadgeforEmail Global Author


GlobalScholarBadgeForEmail Global Scholar

@sx410b @luqman-ul.khair

GlobalSoverBadge Global Solver


FirstLinkBadge Local Link

@todd_saylor @ChristianMcArdl @AdamB