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Friday Badge Shoutouts: April 24, 2020


Another week has come and gone, for most of us. It’s great to see all the activity and continued support from all of you which makes this community strong :muscle:t5::muscle:t3:

Here is a helpful list of all the badges that are available:

autobiographer%20badge Autobiographer (YAY, love seeing completed profiles! :sparkling_heart:)

@jeremy.gaither @vitor.nogueira @Thiago.Charao

ScholarBadgeForEmail Local Scholar

@neha.raina @demonewrelic @vtran2

AuthorBadgeforVoting2 Local Author

@bkalavadia @upsbazaar2016 @wen.kwok

ProfessorBadge Local Professor


AdmiredForVoting1 Local Admired @Joshua.Coleman @yasuno @richard35 @guido.mariotti @ef6579148a2533314eca @Yashaswini.K @obesus @tim.davis @TomerMP @kaliyamoorthyn @Rinus.Broekmans

GlobalAdmiredBadge Global Admired


GlobalScholarBadgeForEmail Global Scholar

@neha.raina @smitha_nm

GlobalProfessorBadge Global Professor


FirstLinkBadge Local Link

@stefan_garnham @SriKrishna.Tadinada @ajouveuk @skyzyx @aberezin1