Friday Badge Shoutouts - July 10, 2020

Hello Explorers!

It’s been a few weeks since I was able to give these shoutouts due to there being a national holiday in the US last week. Happy to see some new faces making there way on the list :slight_smile: WELCOME!

Here is a helpful list of all the badges that are available for you to earn:

autobiographer%20badge Autobiographer

@alex.plaza.gonzalez (thank you for adding an avatar :camera_flash:)

ScholarBadgeForEmail Local Scholar

@Gaurav.Trivedi1 @antonio.giurini @mgalla @anaguib @antoine.suplice @dmytro.kulyk @wshao1 @sabda @vpb @basil.paul @athite @amit.tarneja1

AuthorBadgeforVoting2 Local Author


ProfessorBadge Local Professor

@ajames1 @curel.ashley @hon.chan

Local_admired_Badge Local Admired

@David.Bell @pawel.pabich @shaun.titus @Anup.Jishnu @martin.rowe1 @cjameson @LAMBERT

Local_Enthusiast_Badge Local Enthusiast

@LAMBERT @ben.newton @dpena

Global_admired_Badge Global Admired

@pmohite @allan.bernardo

Intergalactic_Enthusiast_Badge Intergalactic Enthusiast

@carla.teodoro @tommy.yoo

Intergalactic_author_badge Intergalactic Author

@stefan_garnham (Thank you for all the great posts! :star_struck:)

FirstLinkBadge Local Link