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Friday Badge Shoutouts - May 15, 2020


Hello Explorers,

I’m excited to share some good news. This week we have created an opportunity for you to earn a NEW badge called Frequent Flyer. It will be available for a limited time so check out this post to learn how you can get it and some awesome swag: Learn some stuff, Earn some stuff! :star_struck::tada:

Here is a helpful list of all the badges that are available:

autobiographer%20badge Autobiographer

My personal favorite because it means you filled out your user profile including a picture. YES! :smile::sunglasses:

@undees @martin.vuelta

ScholarBadgeForEmail Local Scholar

@abplatt @denys.suievalov @Satish.Kakwani @pushpa.viswanathan @yelouardi @cas @srahulgurnule @edgar.mercado2 @Ajay.Yadav2 @mgalla @Nithin_Thomas @gnewton53 @AhmedR @maciej.piekos

ProfessorBadge Local Professor

@Manoj.Ravikumar @ignacio.perez

AdmiredForVoting1 Local Admired

We really, really like you! :sparkling_heart:

@mustafa.kutlu @yevhenii.dytyniuk @bob_rasey @andrzej.gadek @frank.robert @Manoj.Ravikumar @larsonb7 @oskar2 @sdas1 @umang1 @svestka

enthusiast_1 Local Enthusiast

@Satish.Kakwani @kris12

GlobalAdmiredBadge Global Admired


GlobalEnthusiastBatge Global Enthusiast


Intergalactic_enthusiast_Badge Intergalactic Enthusiast


GlobalScholarBadgeForEmail Global Scholar

@srahulgurnule @vtran2

FirstLinkBadge Local Link

@adam.crews @stefan_garnham @magomes @MKhanna