Friday Badge Shoutouts - October 23, 2020

Hello Explorers,

Its finally my favorite time of year, AUTUMN :fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf: Which may not be the case for some of you who are in a different climate zone. Either way, I hope this weekly message brings a moment of celebration to your life. Let’s get to those badge shoutouts! :star_struck:

View a list of all the badges that are available here.

autobiographer%20badge Autobiographer

@bhargav @miroslav.pilat

Local_admired_Badge Local Admired

@lior.avni @thomas.elder @yanir.cohen @blake.roberts @sumitrajaram.bhagat @abhinav3 @patrick.boucher @yoavzimmerman @vishal.pawale @radyslav.krechet @ashley.carey @santiago11

AuthorBadgeforVoting2 Local Author


Local_Enthusiast_Badge Local Enthusiast

@randall.naar @borgesm

FirstLinkBadge Local Link

@it1 @chulki @sash @spokeomike @arun.kumar @Senthil.Kumar3

ProfessorBadge Local Professor

@radyslav.krechet @pmohite @jacques.vandenmunckh @charlie7

ScholarBadgeForEmail Local Scholar

@johan.nordanfors @v.correia @akrofi @fmathieu @Brett.Nugent @espen1 @hosting2 @noam.gur @Pradeep.Vijayagiri-e @josep.torrent @cdixon @o.winterbone

Global_admired_Badge Global Admired

@mohamed.asan @ashley.carey @santiago11

PopularLinkBadge Global Link


Intergalactic_scholar_badge Intergalactic Scholar


Next week I will be adding our Frequent Flyer badges to this list which A LOT of you have already earned.

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This is cool. Seeing my name in this post :wink:

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Great to hear it @bhargav! Congratulations :smiley: