Friday (...Thursday...) Badge Shoutouts - October 15, 2020

Hello Explorers :wave:t5:

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to give these shoutouts so I thought why not send this out a day earlier than usual! WOW - you all have been busy these past few weeks. :star_struck: We continue to see a significant increase in the amount of topic views, post written and community members sharing their resources to help each other out. Thank you and lets keep it up :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

View a list of all the badges that are available here.

autobiographer%20badge Autobiographer

@mason.jones @leo_scicchitano @lee.blackburn

Local_admired_Badge Local Admired

@SayantaB @gary.moore @dutzi.b @o.winterbone @pillaivinil @laird1 @kyle.masters @Tasha_Gooch @Dave.MacInnis @sammmmmmmmm @lee.blackburn @bcelliff @gchelak @kvincent @scott.oster @codercave @MKhanna @PEREZ1F @Erik.Hyypia @vishwanath.kolki @ArParappil @borgesm @noam.shabat @martin.rowe1 @sso1 @colm1 @woodwardmatt @b-paul.d.lewandowski @sumitrajaram.bhagat @pigeodolphin @k9amt @jrimmer1 @ciro.perez @Adrian.Berkowitz

AuthorBadgeforVoting2 Local Author

@israel.abramov @borgesm

Local_Enthusiast_Badge Local Enthusiast

@artlee @olia.kremmyda

FirstLinkBadge Local Link

@6MM @kuperiu @denis.v @stefan_garnham

ProfessorBadge Local Professor

@jrimmer1 @sebastien.destre @anshul7 @tim.mackinnon1 @pillaivinil @dutzi.b @Dave.MacInnis @jacoBeastman

ScholarBadgeForEmail Local Scholar

@nheria.entena @it-ot3 @andre.tran1 @carl.kenny_mdhb @mhd.wissam @jtello1 @Husak.Serhii @andreea.nicula @balaji.sirigineedi @JulioAlberto.LopezGo @rlaflin @mike.mcgrath @pillaivinil @wiriyang1 @Byron.Dorman @developer103 @Sophia.Hu @Jordi.sanchez1 @ezegarra @sam.funston @antonio.giurini @jcandido @infrastructure4

Global_admired_Badge Global Admired

@codercave @tim.mackinnon1 @MKhanna @mario.chacon @borgesm @scott.oster

GlobalScholarBadgeForEmail Global Scholar

@Jordi.sanchez1 @pedro10

Intergalactic_scholar_badge Intergalactic Scholar

@srahulgurnule @rishav.dhar

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