Full admin user cannot edit retention

Hello there!

Full admin unable to see Edit retention button to edit data retentions.

Can you help, please?


@devops177 From this doc:


The ability to edit data retention periods differs depending on your pricing tier:

  • Standard tier: your data retention is fixed, and falls between 8 and 395 days (about 13 months) of retention, depending on which capabilities of the New Relic platform you’re using. The prescribed retention levels ensure that you can explore your data and experience the value of New Relic. If you need to raise some of the retention limits for your particular business needs, you can purchase additional retention.
  • Pro and Enterprise tier: users with a Billing user or Data retention manager role can change the retention periods for each data type. On the Data retention page, select the Edit retention button to manually change the number of days you want to store each type of retention.

Hope this clarifies the parameters for you. If you want to make changes to your pricing tier please complete this form: Upgrade or manage your New Relic account

Thank you for the replay, and I already saw that article. Our pricing tier is Pro, but none of the accounts can change data retention full-admin user admin or billing user.

Could you please check our account if there is an issue?


@devops177 That’s great to know. I’m going to open up a ticket so that our support account team can look further into this issue. You’ll get an email from them soon.

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Great! Thank you. Can you also take a look at this please Alert Slack integration issue

@devops177 I will see if our Alerts team can offer further help on the topic you linked to.

Given your pricing model you can at anytime open a ticket via New Relic One platform or global technical support website. We limit the tickets we open through the community to those instances where it is required.