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FutureHack Entry: Tic Tac Toe



TictacToe game :slight_smile:

FutureHack Nerdpack Contest - Win an iPad!

This is awesome @bhuvan.309 - Thanks for entering the FutureHack competition. I’ve got this post moved out into it’s own thread (where custom nerdpacks should live, Hello World! nerdpacks should be replies to the original thread).

Can you share the source code for your Tic Tac Toe game for others to see how to build this into their NR account?


Hi Ryan, Thanks for the liking the post, please find the link for the github code


WoW @bhuvan.309 proud to be working with you!
Great work…

Impressive to see that you picked up and built this so quickly… I am sure the NR FS workshop would have been real powerful!