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FutureHack Nerdpack Contest - Win an iPad!



Hi @Vishnu.Atma

Thank you for calling this out. I am in the process of updated the workshop labs and removing these steps. Can you try nr1 --version and confirm you see the version output? If so, you are all set.


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@Vishnu.Atma This is an issue with your ssh keys not being added to your GitHub account. You can either generate and/or add your ssh keys to GitHub and clone the repo using SSH, or you can download the repo directly from GitHub by clicking the download button.


Hi jsuis , I have already downloaded the repository .but could suggest me the next steps after that … found it a bit confusing :slight_smile:


Once you have the workshop materials downloaded - flow through each lab reviewing the instructions for each -

To get the associated nerdpack running, just CD into the folder & serve as normal.

cd $home/nr1-workshop/lab0
npm install
nr1 nerdpack:serve (NOTE `npm start` will also work here)

Cycle through each lab exercise and let us know if you have any troubles along the way.





Arch linux isn’t supported, the workaround is to run inside a docker container.


FROM ubuntu

RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y curl

RUN curl -o- | bash

RUN curl -s | bash

ENV NVM_DIR="/root/.nvm"

WORKDIR /workspace/my-awesome-nerdpack


docker run --network=host -it -v $(pwd)/workspace:/workspace myawesomeworkspace /bin/bash

New Relic One CLI on Arch Linux

Nice work @wedney.lima1 - Thanks for adding the workaround in Docker. :smiley:




:stuck_out_tongue: The Live Coding demo was great


I’m glad the FutureHack went well for you… I certainly appreciate the use of Austin Powers memes. More Nerdpacks need Austin :joy:



My First Nerd pack for participation to Phase1 - Hello World example.

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